I’m so sorry– I’ve done it again. I do actually have a veritible reason for my absence, though: my computer broke and it’s still being fixed. Once again, so sorry! I’ll try to be more active once it is fixed. I am currently posting this from my parents’ computer and they want to use it, so I guess that this is

Bye for now!



New Year’s Eve on Fantage

I guess my timing is different from Fantage’s because I had time to watch the ball drop before heading off to a real party. I took some screenshots. If you’re interested in looking at my post about the event, click here. I hope you all have a fantastic new year. I hope that 2015 will be your year and that you will accomplish great things.



So, anyways, on Fantage somebody had made up a rumor that user “pinkstardust” was there, and it was so crowded that nobody could tell. (She wasn’t actually there– I checked the hall of fame). Then somebody started saying that they were pinkstardusts’s sister, and there was a bit of an outrage. And THEN, everybody started talking about how that pinkstardust was “a god” and “saint-like” (ha-ha, Harry Potter reference). I got a little fed up, because I haven’t heard such good things about her, but anyways, I’ve never met her; I’m nobody to judge. Anyways, I’m off now, but her are some screenshots from the event. See if you can spot me!




HAPPY NEW YEAR! (People went CRAZY, I had to log out!)

New Year’s Event

Hey guys! So, I logged on to Fantage and I was surprised with a treat– Fantage is giving all of its players a free gift! It’s a pair of sunglasses and I think it’s cute. Enjoy, and thanks Fantage! When I started to explore Fantage a bit more today, I noticed that they’ve already got their New Year’s Event up in preparation for tomorrow. There’s not much to it, but here’s my post regarding it.

fantage fantageevent2

The girls’ free item and the boys’ free item.

Like I mentioned, there’s not much to do at this event, but that’s alright! Here’s some info on the event.


You can print out a sheet to track your New Year’s Resolutions, but I didn’t did do that. You will also be able to watch the ball drop tomorrow. As of right now, the only thing you can do is play with Fireworks at the beach. That’s pretty simple, too. Choose which fireworks to buy by clicking on the sign (and yes, I did make an account called polleeboyaccount. I needed a boy account, lol.)


These are the kinds that you can buy.


Unfortunately, they are all in Gold and I don’t have any, so I couldn’t show you pictures of using them. Here’s how, though. Click the “Fireworks” badge to the left side of your screen.


Then pick whichever type of Fireworks you bought. I’m guessing it’s simple after that. Sorry I can’t help, I’ll try to get screenshots.


So, happy New Year! I’ll probably post tomorrow, but have a fantastic 2015. I love you all!



Free Item Cheat

Hi! So, before starting this blog, I hadn’t played Fantage for several months and I’m still pretty out of it. I’ve been trying to explore Fantage to figure out which old cheats still work, what’s new, such and such. I decided to go on the Spanish server to see what I could find, and so here I bring you this neat cheat.


1. Go to home page on Fantage.



2. Up to the top right, you will see a bar that on one side reads “English” and the other “Espanol”. Click the latter.



3. Log in to your account. Then, click the map and travel to the mountains.


4. Although it doesn’t look festive, Santa is still in the cabin, which can be found to the far, top right. Enter.


5. Click on Santa.


6. Congratulations! You receive a cute Christmas top! Here’s me wearing mine.



I hope you enjoyed this little trick!



Hi, everyone!

My name is Pollee, and I’ve worked on numerous blogs, but for the past six or seven months, I have been completely inactive. But now, I’ve decided to come back with a new blog that I will be updating much more frequently. I’m not sure if this is going to work out– after all, I’m in high school where the work load is heavy and I’m also a competitive ballerina, but I’m really hoping to find time to blog. I’ve missed it.

Many more pages will be up soon, some of which will simply be taken from old blogs that I used to work at and some of which will be brand new. Please take the time to follow this blog, simply because it will help you to easily see posts and pages that will pop up soon.

Happy holidays!